SVB has been a vital part of the Silicon Valley ecosystem for 40 years.

If we show our commitment, we can #SaveSVB and get back to building the future.

$1,233,500 committed to acquire SVB from firms representing $95,225,014 deposits with SVB, so far.

Name Title Company Twitter Message
Chris Macomber CEO WhoKnows
Michael Nguyen Cofounder, CEO Opus Match Mykaelnguyen SVB has been a great startu...
Bob Harvey CEO Lock them up for poor banki...
Kunal Punjabi We can do this!
Pete ryan Ceo Cosell Stay strong
Griffin Eaton CEO Juke
Nick Nielson Business Development Manager OpStart Let’s go!
Eric Chen Partner OVO Fund
Tom White
Ben T Smith, IV Kearney @bentsmithfour
Jeff Bocan Partner Okapi Venture Capital @jeffbocan
Paul Anthony CEO OpStart
Mark W. Yusko Managing Partner Morgan Creek Digital @markyusko
Jukka Valkonen Co-founder JISEKI/Pivot North Let’s do it!
Tushar Vasisht CEO Jiseki/Pivot North
John Lien Vibrant Cyber We can do this!
Jeremy Burton CEO/Founder Platform Venture Studio jeremymburton Let's do this!
Tim Connors Founder and MD PivotNorth Capital @timc Go SVB!

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